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Where We're Going

We want to continue upgrading the van for our needs and have found so much satisfaction already with making this van our own. Because COVID-19 came abruptly we have been working extremely hard to adjust and maintain a successful art business. It’s our goal, however, to find a better work/life balance where we can work efficiently and have more time enjoying the outdoors.

Over the years we have enjoyed developing new ways to preserve and present nature in artistic ways. Custom orders, customer feedback, and even current events influence what we are creating at the time.

Our future sustainable goals include getting an electric car and continuing to convert our home/office to be as energy efficient as possible. We want to help the green movement by sharing our experiences and starting new businesses that connect consumers to truly sustainable products. We plan to expand our YouTube channels and work on a new online business called Earthly Journeys which sells biodegradable tree urns and other sustainable products.