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Phone:     801-691-4782

Address:   Sandy, Utah - United States

Preservation Farms

Our butterflies and other specimens live a full life and are collected after their natural passing in butterfly farms worldwide. Eggs laid on leaves in the wild rain forests are collected and hatched in the farms. Butterflies are then released back into the wild and the cycle repeats. Since butterflies live an average of 3 weeks some pass on before being released, which are acquired by Asana Natural Arts. All our species are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization. Your purchase supports butterfly preservation and actually saves butterflies and their existence in the rain forest!

About 5% of butterfly eggs survive to adulthood in the wild, whereas this number jumps to 80% in farms.

Who is Asana Natural Arts?

The earth graces us with its beauty for short periods of time. More often than not, this beauty is remote or goes unnoticed. Nature enthusiast, Zell Lee, began Asana Natural Arts in 2010 to make nature more a part of everyone's daily lives. This desire has driven her motivation to create unique, handcrafted pieces made in the USA, each with its own story. We have perfected our methods for preserving nature into quality pieces that add character to every customer who takes part in our business. Zell travels the world to find new specimens and nature items to maintain a fresh product line. The word "Asana" stands for a still, meditative yoga position that resembles the still life artwork our company creates. Visit our wholesale page to find out how to unite with us in offering one-of-a kind, quality products to your customers.  

What makes us different?

*Environmentally friendly - Our art does not harm the environment!! Every purchase supports butterfly and nature preservation around the world. We are in the process of eliminating all single use plastic waste and replacing it with biodegradable packaging options. Best of all, we are also very proud to announce that our business is now 100% solar powered!!!!

*Educational - provides additional information on each product with every purchase

*Quality - maintains the highest quality standard with each product, every time

*Responsible - stands behind our product and supports our customers