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What We're Doing

Jake and I have enjoyed adventures and freedoms along with extremely hard work and dedication to maintain a successful art business. The beginning of the year involved undergoing van modifications where we installed a convertible bed structure, heater, and fridge so we could be on the road for longer periods of time. We loved the conveniences this new van was giving us and had festivals lined up for the entire year.

We just finished selling at a show in Albuquerque, NM at the beginning of March and then everything shut down due to COVID-19. Shows were cancelled, galleries that carry our jewelry were closed, and online orders halted overnight. Operating our business has become more challenging since then. It was a scary time and at first we just hoped it wouldn’t last too long. We kept making products and generated some business but as show cancellations continued to come in I realized how important it was to appropriately adjust and grow from this opportunity that COVID-19 created. We are now focused on creating the best online experience and better connecting with our customers on online platforms. We’re updating our websites, product selection, and have increased our social media presence and online marketing. We’ve taken trainings and opened up more about our personal lives to tell the stories behind the artwork.

On the sustainability front we are installing energy efficient windows this year to lower our carbon footprint and have focused on reducing plastic in our business. We’ve experimented with many different packaging companies and ways to store and ship our jewelry and home décor. We have eliminated bubble wrap, plastic bags, and have worked with the majority of our suppliers to eliminate the waste we receive from them. Our suppliers now package our products in reusable ways and we are thrilled to find solutions after lots of research and testing!