An act of conservation: From farms to rainforests

An act of conservation: From farms to rainforests

An astounding 95% of butterfly eggs and caterpillars do not survive to become adult butterflies, as they are a significant food source for birds and other insects. That is why, for the remaining 5%, it is necessary to ensure that the continuation of the butterfly species is not threatened and that they are successful in surviving, so that the critical mass that is essential to sustain their migrating and hibernating population is conserved and maintained.

Factors that have affected butterfly survival in the wild include climate change, causing violent storms that are killing hundreds of millions of butterflies due to the deadly combination of both cold and wet weather, and a history of illegal logging in the sanctuaries that drastically reduced the combined efforts of the current Federal and state governments and major conservation organizations, causing significant forest cover loss over the previous decades.

We may never be able to turn back the clock on what we have done to Earth. What we can do is work to restore pollinator habitat and introduce strategies to nurture a host of nectar plants. Following are the few ways via which butterfly conservation farms may help in conserving butterfly species:

They restore balance in a habitat

Butterflies act as pollinators in a plant habitat and promote the furthering of plant species. They are also vital in restoring balance in rain forests and wildlife because a minority of them act as primary consumers and feed on the decaying plant matter. When artificially cultivated butterflies are released in the natural atmosphere, they reestablish the wildlife equilibrium in their habitats.

They keep the butterflies from going over the brink of extinction

Many a butterfly species have suffered extinction because of human activities and natural calamities. Artificial cultivation makes sure that these species are conserved because their eggs have better chances of survival in a controlled environment than out in a natural, wild habitat.

Asana Natural Arts is a responsible business enterprise and produces handcraft pieces from artificially cultivated butterflies that have already completed their life cycle of 3 weeks in the wild. All their species are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization, and your purchase supports butterfly preservation and promotes butterflies and their existence in the rainforest. You can find out more about them here.


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plant natural surroundings and advance the promoting of plant species. They are additionally indispensable in reestablishing harmony in rain woodlands and untamed life in light of the fact that a minority of them go about as essential shoppers and eat the rotting plant matter. At the point when misleadingly developed butterflies are discharged in the normal environment, they restore the natural life harmony in their territories.

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